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Monthly Archives: October 2006

Ellerbe to run Mayweather's corner

Other than Floyd Mayweather Sr., there probably isn’t a man alive who knows more about Floyd Mayweather Jr. than Leonard Ellerbe. Ellerbe is the longtime friend and advisor of Mayweather Jr., who on Saturday will challenge Carlos Baldomir for his World Boxing Council welterweight belt at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Ellerbe usually works the corner of Mayweather, but only ... Read More »

Arizona Sport’s Historic Day

Before we go too far, let’s concede this: Sport is not the world’s most important topic. But if you’re reading this column, chances are you believe sport is enough of a topic to deserve some of your time. There. We’ve given the obligatory disclaimer to what scolds would lecture us about war, poverty, philosophy, or science. And we’ve confessed that ... Read More »


A few weeks ago Kathy Duva, the CEO of Main Events, said in this column that Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions (GBP) was the “Wal-Mart” of the boxing business. Duva stated that GBP was guilty of “poaching” talent nurtured by other promoters, upsetting the economic balance in the marketplace by using Oscar’s considerable ring earnings to offset losses ... Read More »

Baldomir ready for Floyd

Carlos Baldomir, who is 35, can remember things as far back as 30 years ago, when he was just 5. It was the first time he can recall sitting down with about 50 family members and friends in Santa Fe, Argentina, and watching Carlos Monzon fight. The late Monzon is the most famous fighter the country has ever produced, and ... Read More »

Ayala Promotions: Honesty and Perseverance

Anyone who thinks seriously about our sport’s troubles for a few minutes concludes that promoters are as harmful as they are essential. Corrupt sanctioning bodies, rigged fights, incompetent officials, ruined pugilists; all return to promoters. Meanwhile, would-be reformers crowd barstools and message boards and inboxes with their suggestions. How many changes they would implement if only there were more time, ... Read More »


Mike Tyson returns Friday night in Youngstown, Ohio, at the Chevrolet Centre in a four round exhibition against Corey “T-Rex” Sanders, a 6’6” 300 pound former sparring partner who once stopped Oleg Maskaev, but retired after losing four straight. It’s the first stop of “The Mike Tyson World Tour,” designed primarily to help pull Tyson out of his spiraling financial ... Read More »

“I am Sergei Liakhovich; I am Totally Different”

If you live in Las Vegas, or anywhere between Madison Square Garden and Atlantic City, a heavyweight title fight is an interesting spectacle, not a historical event. For those of us who live in boxing’s emerging markets, though, a heavyweight championship fight is something else. Indulge me, then. November 4 is still nineteen days away, but my giddy anticipation wants ... Read More »


Last week I gave you my analysis of the weekend fights and my picks for the winners. For the record I went four for six, but in retrospect I’m kicking myself for not running the table. My first and biggest mistake came Friday on Showtime’s ShoBox series, picking Henry “Sugarpoo” Buchanan over Jean Paul Mendy in Gary Shaw’s Super Middleweight ... Read More »

One Heavy Light, Two Light Heavies, and a Gigantic Bore

As boxing fans, many of us have lost our eagerness to win converts. In this way, we are like the guests who bark at one another on political talk shows. We don’t go for empathy any longer; we talk past our opponents’ arguments, and everyone leaves the debate empty and frustrated. We cared more about Diego Corrales and Joel Casamayor ... Read More »


This weekend the boxing gods have blessed us with a gourmet buffet of compelling matchups. As promised in last week’s column, our objective today is to break them down and pick the winners. However, I wouldn’t recommend getting a second mortgage to visit your local bookmaker based on these prognostications considering my recent record. Having given fair warning, here are ... Read More »

“The Venom is Jumping!”

PHOENIX, AZ – Large white placards. Those were the most noticeable things in the Chase Field press room last Wednesday afternoon. Though the entire left side of the converted party suite was a wall of glass that looked on one of professional sport’s finest venues, what most wanted attention were the placards at the room’s front. Before the performance began, ... Read More »