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A Taylor-made star

Editing himself for general consumption, Jermain Taylor recently said it would take a “bad somebody” to wrest his belts from him. Then he was beaten to an unconscious lump. Safe to say Taylor found that bad somebody. His name is Kelly Pavlik. Last Saturday night in a match deserving of more than a few Fight of the Year votes, Taylor ... Read More »


Can’t you just imagine the immortal heavyweight champions of yore, Johnson, Dempsey, Louis, Marciano and the rest of the bunch all convened up there in boxing heaven, looking down on us and shaking their heads sadly? Samuel Peter, a worthy challenger from Nigeria, was awarded the WBC interim heavyweight world title distinction by the sanctioning body after their champion, 38 ... Read More »

Jermain Taylor: Looking for respect

Jermain Taylor is 27-0-1 with 17 knockouts, and he’s defended his two middleweight belts four times since he won them from Bernard Hopkins in July 2005.But he hasn’t exactly received a lot of kudos. Plenty of experts thought he lost his defense against Winky Wright, but he was able to retain his belts with a draw. Several in the know ... Read More »


I’ve received more negative feedback sent to my email address of in the past few days than with all of my previous columns combined. Last week I wrote a column that was largely devoted to the exploitation of ticket sales to the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Ricky Hatton fight. Using information obtained from that read, “Applications must state maximum amount ... Read More »

Taylor and Pavlik: As good as things may get

We’ve taken our lumps this month. Last Friday, in 2007’s most predictable heavyweight postponement not involving a Klitschko, WBC champ Oleg Maskaev announced injuries would keep him from fighting Samuel Peter in October. That did it. We’ve now had as many big fights postponed this month as we’re likely to see the rest of the year. But help is on ... Read More »


It came as no surprise that the tickets for the December 8 Floyd Mayweather Jr. -Ricky Hatton fight sold out within minutes of being placed on sale. (Actually I was a tad surprised when a British reader sent me an email saying that he had purchased tickets. I’m a cynical sort at times and I had doubts that tickets would ... Read More »

Mayweather-Hatton: Toe to Toe or Dancing With The Stars?

Ricky Hatton tried to hide it, but it was obvious that he was a bit perturbed at the sequence of events that unfolded Monday at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he and Floyd Mayweather Jr. began the promotional tour for their Dec. 8 welterweight championship showdown at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. First Leonard Ellerbe, on a dais surrounded by reporters ... Read More »


Sports and Entertainment Publications, LLC, a subsidiary of Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions announced last week that it had acquired The Ring Magazine, KO Magazine, World Boxing Magazine, and Pro Wrestling Illustrated from the Kappa Publishing Group. In short, De La Hoya is now the official chief of the 85 year old “Bible of Boxing.” In a press ... Read More »

Vitali Klitschko and the unretiring urge

A couple of Sundays ago, in the throes of a remarkably disappointing September, Vitali Klitschko, the WBC’s heavyweight Champion Emeritus, experienced back pain enough to cancel his fight with Jameel McCline. While this fight, and Klitschko’s career, were never terribly relevant to the sport of boxing, the forces that made Klitschko unretire certainly are. Casting about for someone to lead ... Read More »


Good grief! We haven’t had any premier boxing on Showtime or HBO in over a month and now with the postponements and cancellations it appears that our next shot is going to be the Jermain Taylor-Kelly Pavlik confrontation on September 29. I’ve looked at all of my options for a suitable substitute and I’ve come to the conclusion that aside ... Read More »

Miguel Cotto: Superstar

Every time I drive into Hollywood these days, I think of the news conference held there earlier this year in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre promoting the May mega fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. As I walked up to the jam-packed area that day, I decided to stay across the street and observe. I happened ... Read More »


When Kendall Holt and his manager/assistant trainer Henry Cortes arrived in Miami on Sunday, September 2, on the first leg of their trip back to Paterson, New Jersey, they called, just as they had promised during our recent interview. Cortes spoke in a tone that could be described as repressed rage, Holt in tones of youthful disbelief of the chaos ... Read More »

Vargas and Marquez: A question of professionalism

Three weeks ago I wrote so many emails I had no words left for boxing. So I postponed that column till after Thanksgiving. This week I found a virus on my laptop, and even though I do most of my writing on a desktop, I may have to cancel this column. The safety of my prose comes first. Excuses like ... Read More »


The series of emails between the IBF and the ABC might well be the smoking gun that Armando Garcia possibly broke Federal law, Article 6308 of the Professional Boxing Safety Act of 1996 which covers conflicts of interest. In addition, the fact that his payment came through Duane Ford indicates a desire to avoid a paper trail, at least in ... Read More »

Breaking down the big fights

So there we were, sitting at a table at a restaurant in downtown Los Angeles last week, talking shop. It was Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions; Eric Gomez, Golden Boy matchmaker; and lovely independent publicist Debbie Caplan, who does most of her work for Golden Boy. As we ate and awaited the beginning of a news conference, the ... Read More »


Chapter 89 of the Professional boxing Safety Act of 1996, Article 6308, entitled Conflicts of Interest, clearly states, “No member or employee of a boxing commission, no person who administers or enforces state boxing laws, and no member of the Association of Boxing Commissions may belong to, contract with, or receive any compensation from, any person who sanctions, arranges, or ... Read More »

A gentleman reaches 100

If prizefighting were a sport that held a draft, Yory Boy Campas would not have been a first-round pick. As a 16 year old Mexican from a border state, with a soft voice and no real amateur career and particularly short arms, Campas wouldn’t have impressed scouts in 1987. Yet there he was last Friday night in Tucson, 20 years ... Read More »