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July 2009, a month to forget and remember

July, the first full month of summer, should be a period of appreciation: the blooming of flowers, warm nocturnal zephyrs and abundant sunshine. But the sun set shockingly early for three of boxing’s best this month. For this reason, a part of me wants to forget “Cruel-ly”. The boxing world lost three universally liked and respected members. I hurt because ... Read More »


RANDOM THOUGHTS: * The true PFP champ is Juan Manuel Marquez. This diminutive warrior won more rounds and landed more punches against Manny Pacquiao than vice versa. As the late Senator Moynahan once famously said, “you are entitled to your opinion but not your own set of facts”. And facts can be stubborn things. The second war between these sluggers ... Read More »

“Manny Pacquiao’s graduation day—5/2/2009”

We have heard for years that “there is only one Ricky Hatton”. In the world of primetime pugilism that is true; however, there is also only one Manny Pacquiao. And on Saturday night I witnessed a remarkable transition I was not sure would ever grace my field of vision. The transformation of Manny P from arguably the world’s greatest amateur ... Read More »