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Mayweather’s List: Porter and Brook fighting to get on it

Floyd Mayweather

By Norm Frauenheim– Getting a shot at Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been called a derby and a sweepstakes. There are no rules on how to get in line, if in fact there is one. Still, Shawn Porter and Kell Brook will try to win a chance Saturday at StubHub Center in Carson, Calif. They’re fighting for Porter’s International Boxing Federation ... Read More »

Jose Benavidez Jr., Oscar Valdez win in Phoenix

PHOENIX — Jose Benavidez Jr. didn’t waste time. He had something to say. A message, he said. Consider it delivered. A first-round stoppage over Henry Auraad proved to be an explosive statement of what Benavidez hopes to do as soon as possible in a career that began with a bang, yet had been put on hold by hand problems There ... Read More »

Grown-up message: Benavidez hopes to deliver one


By Norm Frauenheim PHOENIX –- He was a 16-year-old prodigy. Then, he was a 17-year-old prospect with a contract before he had a high-school diploma. Now, Jose Benavidez Jr. is 22 with something to prove. “I want everyone to know that I’m ready for tougher fights,’’ Benavidez said. “It’s time for me to step it up a notch.’’ Benavidez (20-0, ... Read More »

Time is becoming Golovkin’s biggest fight

Gennady Golovkin

By Norm Frauenheim- Gennady Golovkin has one title he’d like to keep for as long as possible and another one he’d prefer to shed as soon as he can. Time makes the second of the two problematic. Golovkin is the latest in a long line of fighters who have been called the Most Avoided. It’s unofficial, yet older than any ... Read More »

Canelo wins a split decision in fight that figured to be controversial


LAS VEGAS – It wasn’t pretty. In terms of style, it was more of a miss than a hit. More whiff than wow. A lot was expected of Canelo Alvarez and Erislandy Lara. In the end, however, it was exactly what many thought it would be. Controversial. Split decisions always are. Alvarez won it. But he didn’t exactly celebrate it. ... Read More »

Catch-weight controversy fades as both Canelo and Lara make the 155 mandatory

Alvarez_Lara_Weigh In

By Norm Frauenheim= A catch-weight clause in the Canelo Alvarez-Erslandy Lara contract quickly became a forgotten controversy Friday when each fighter weighed in at 155-pounds at the MGM Grand for a Showtime pay-per-view bout Saturday night with a lot hanging in the balance, yet no significant title at stake. It’s a mystery why a catch-weight was in the deal at ... Read More »

Lara fighting for his version of The Dream against Canelo


By Norm Frauenheim- Erislandy Lara, a Cuban defector, calls himself The American Dream. Nothing new about the nickname. David Reid, a junior-middleweight from Philadelphia, got the same name after winning an improbable gold with a 1996 Olympic knockout of a heavily-favored Cuban at the Atlanta Games. His dream ended quickly and sadly. Reid, who won a WBA title in only ... Read More »

Feud Fallout: Falling pay-per-view numbers are a sign of the times

Miguel Cotto

By Norm Frauneheim- It’s a season of declining expectations. Miguel Cotto’s dramatic victory over Sergio Martinez represents the third straight time that pay-per-view numbers for a major fight were disappointing. Once might be an aberration. Twice is cause for concern. But three straight? That’s a trend. The reported number for HBO”s PPV-telecast of Cotto-Martinez on June 7 was 350,000. The ... Read More »

A Look Beyond The Feud: Russell and Lomachenko might provide a glimpse


By Norm Frauenheim- Much has been attached to the Golden Boy Promotions card Saturday night at the SubHub Center in Carson, Calif. Too much. It’s there mostly because of hope that it represents an initial step beyond the balkanization of a business full of feuding promoters, who get bigger headlines than the fighters do these days. It’s also there because ... Read More »

Forbes or Future? Mayweather’s money wins one debate and starts another

Floyd Mayweather

By Norm Frauenheim Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s top spot on the Forbes’ latest edition of the world’s highest-paid athletes is a counter to the tired argument from the know-nothing crowd that continues to say boxing is dead. It’s also an inconvenient truth for main-stream media. Newspaper editors will probably ignore it. They’re too busy pushing their own agenda, trying to bury ... Read More »

Hall of Fame induction just the opening bell for the biggest fight in De La Hoya’s life

Oscar De La Hoya

By Norm Frauenheim– Oscar De La Hoya’s induction to the International Boxing Hall of Fame Sunday a few days after the tumult of Richard Schaefer’s resignation as the CEO of his company, Golden Boy Promotions, could be mere coincidence. Could be something else, too. Friendship is the biggest feint of all in a balkanized business defined by shifting alliances and ... Read More »

Business Sense: Froch-Groves at Wembley is a lesson to feuding promoters about how to keep customers from walking away

Carl Froch

By Norm Frauenheim London’s Wembley Stadium will be the stage Saturday for what figures to be a terrific rematch in the second edition of Carl Froch-versus-George Groves and an even better lesson for what ails the business in North America. It’s pretty simple, obvious enough to be embarrassing. Give the fans what they want. From New York to Las Vegas ... Read More »

Cotto’s ring skill is still his best social skill in fight with Martinez


By Norm Frauenheim– Sergio Martinez probably won’t ever invite Miguel Cotto to a backyard barbecue. Martinez talks as if he just doesn’t like Cotto. Evident tension between the two is an entertaining sidelight to their intriguing fight on June 7 at New York’s Madison Square Garden. But their middleweight bout is interesting, hard to pick, mostly because it’s really it’s ... Read More »

Options? Chavez Jr. running on empty


By Norm Frauenheim– There are losers aplenty in the wake of the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.-Gennady Golovkin possibility headed to never-never land, right there alongside the Manny Paquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fantasy. There are the fans, of course. But there’s nothing new about that. Their hopes are always first to take a beating. They’ll be back. But you have to wonder ... Read More »

Mayweather escapes with a majority decision over Maidana

Floyd Mayweather

By Norm Frauenheim- LAS VEGAS – It was supposed to be easy. It wasn’t. Floyd Mayweather Jr. got the victory that oddsmakers, pundits and just about everybody not from Argentina thought he would. But it was less than dominant. At times, it was just ugly. Marcos Maidana made sure of it in an exhausting, carpet-bomb style of punching that pushed ... Read More »

De La Hoya: Nobody is going to fire Richard Schaefer

Oscar De La Hoya

By Norm Frauenheim LAS VEGAS – Oscar De La Hoya, founder of Golden Boy Promotions, said he is fighting for his company and that he doesn’t want to fire his CEO, Richard Schaefer. “Look, nobody is going to dismiss Richard,’’ De La Hoya said Saturday during a news conference before the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Marcos Maidana fight at the MGM Grand. ... Read More »

UPDATE–Glovegate breaks out in controversy before Mayweather-Maidana

Floyd Mayweather

By Norm Fraienheim– LAS VEGAS – Floyd Mayweather Jr. complained about the lack of padding at the knuckles of Marcos Maidana’s gloves in a controversy that erupted Friday after the weigh-in for their pay-per-view welterweight fight at the MGM Grand. The Nevada State Athletic Commission ruled that Maidana could not wear the gloves, which were custom made for him by ... Read More »

What Distractions? Glovegate breaks out in controversy before Mayweather-Maidana


By Norm Frauenheim LAS VEGAS – Floyd Mayweather Jr. complained about the lack of padding at the knuckles of Marcos Maidana’s gloves in a controversy that erupted Friday after the weigh-in for their pay-per-view welterweight fight at the MGM Grand. There are two pairs in question. Both are in light blue, the national color for Argentina, Maidana’s home country. Mayweather’s ... Read More »

Schaefer gets some B-Hop support in his rift with De La Hoya

Bernard Hopkins

By Norm Frauenheim– LAS VEGAS – The Golden Boy Promotions divide between CEO Richard Schaefer and founder Oscar De La Hoya appeared to widen Thursday with comments from Bernard Hopkins, who supports Schaefer’s vow to never to do business with Bob Arum despite De La Hoya’s attempt at renewing a working relationship with the Top Rank promoter. “We don’t need ... Read More »

The Show: The news-conference stage belonged to Mayweather


By Norm Frauenheim– LAS VEGAS – Showtime executive Stephen Espinoza called Floyd Mayweather Jr. “a show” and Mayweather proved him right throughout a news conference Wednesday with only praise for Marcos Maidana, a rip at promotional rival Bob Arum, a surprising hint that the end of his career might be near, a promise to be better than ever Saturday night ... Read More »

No promises, but does Mayweather’s ‘A’ game mean a KO?


By Norm Frauenheim- Floyd Mayweather Jr. has said repeatedly during the promotional push to his May 3 bout with Marcos Maidana that nobody has ever seen him at his best. He said it again Tuesday during his media day at his Las Vegas gym. He introduced the idea on March 8 during a round-table session with reporters before Canelo Alvarez’ ... Read More »

Lots of noise, but one fan said it all about the game that never changes

Marcos Maidana

By Norm Frauenheim During a noisy week when the shouting got louder and the insults grew more insulting, there was a moment of relief that seemed to say a crazy game hasn’t changed at all. Marcos Maidana was answering questions last Saturday during a polite news conference at a restaurant on the floor of the MGM Grand’s casino in Las ... Read More »

It’s Unanimous: Pacquiao gets back what he lost with a decision over Bradley


LAS VEGAS – It wasn’t everything Manny Pacquiao promised. But it was enough, more than enough to put his Filipino presidential ambitions on hold. Pacquiao’s boxing career and his place in the pound-for-pound debate stayed very much alive with a unanimous decision Saturday night over Timothy Bradley at the MGM Grand. A piece of the welterweight title lost in a ... Read More »

No Villains: On any scale, Bradley and Pacquiao make for a good sequel


By Norm Frauenheim LAS VEGAS – It’s a fight without a villain. Timothy Bradley tried to play the role Friday at the weigh-in for his rematch with Manny Pacquiao. He arrived on stage wearing black and to pounding rap. His eyes were hidden by sunglasses. His headphones were an appropriate red. But only the Devil wears Prada. There’s no costume ... Read More »

Compassion a double-edged dilemma for Pacquiao


By Norm Frauenheim– LAS VEGAS – A compassionate Manny Pacquiao can’t win. That’s the popular theory, anyway. Pacquiao Freddie Roach introduced it. Media and fans have been repeating it ever since. But compassion is also the reason Pacquiao is still fighting. That’s Timothy Bradley trainer Joel Diaz’s theory. “A lot of people need him,’’ Diaz said. Diaz said Thursday that ... Read More »

Arum rips MGM Grand for Mayweather-Maidana posters during Pacquiao-Bradley week

Bob Arum

By Norm Frauenheim– LAS VEGAS – A rematch Saturday marked mostly by polite exchanges between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley suddenly got a shot of some old-school trash talk from promoter Bob Arum, who is angry at the MGM Grand for selling Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Marcos Maidana on May 3 with advertising throughout the casino. A Mayweather mural, estimated to be ... Read More »