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Superfighter is coming

There are a lot of things wrong with boxing, such as superstar fighters not making weight thus hurting or ruining an event, bad decisions by judges who don’t know what they are doing, weak referees who should not be working title fights but are because of politics and events that have an intriguing main event but not much else. Having ... Read More »

The Latest on Oscar – Pacquiao

Richard Schaefer is spending a lot of time these days defending Oscar De La Hoya’s decision to go after a fight with the much smaller Manny Pacquiao. We spoke with Schaefer on Tuesday, and he gave us an update on the negotiations for the fight that would take place Dec. 6. Read More »

For now vendetta’s get in the way of Margarito-Williams II

From a practical standpoint, even Paul Williams admitted that no one can blame fellow welterweight world champion Antonio Margarito for wanting to fight Oscar De La Hoya. Anyone who steps into the ring with De La Hoya makes his biggest payday. “Business-wise, I understand that,” Williams said. But Williams said that doesn’t mean Margarito-De La Hoya would be a better ... Read More »

Oscar should consider Margarito

It was July 21 at the Montebello Police Athletic League gym, located just blocks from the city limits of East Los Angeles, where Oscar De La Hoya grew up. It was five days before Antonio Margarito would beat Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico to a pulp on the way to an 11th-round technical knockout and another welterweight world title. On ... Read More »

Cotto-Margarito has the makings of another Puerto Rico-Mexico classic

When Puerto Rican great Wilfredo Gomez moved up in weight to challenge Salvador Sanchez of Mexico for his featherweight world championship in 1981 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Gomez apparently took Sanchez lightly. That was made clear to this reporter this week by Jorge Perez, Rafael Garcia and Bobby Goodman. Perez is a sports writer for Puerto Rican newspaper ... Read More »

Marquez has a lot on the line against Casamayor

Juan Manuel Marquez is one of the few today who can lose and still remain a consensus top 10 pound-for-pound fighter. He is that good. If he had his druthers, he would be tuning up for his third fight with pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao in order to continue to prove that. But since that is not going to happen just ... Read More »

Arreola looks for big fights

Ever since Chris Arreola beat the daylights out of Chazz Witherspoon on June 21 in Memphis, there has been a burning question in the mind of yours truly: When was the last time we saw a heavyweight stay as busy as Arreola? Can’t remember. Arreola doesn’t just throw a lot of punches, they are all with bad intentions. No soft ... Read More »

Roach would like Hatton after Diaz for Manny

Freddie Roach sat down with reporters at a table inside a restaurant at the end of the Santa Monica Pier on Monday. He was there for a news conference promoting Saturday’s fight between Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and lightweight champion David Diaz of Chicago at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. By the time Roach left the table for the ... Read More »

With Floyd retired, What’s Oscar to do?

Another fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. would probably resemble their rather boring fight in May 2007 won by Mayweather via split decision. Mayweather was never going to go toe-to-toe with De La Hoya in that fight and would not have done so in a rematch. That said, De La Hoya’s quest for a memorable final ... Read More »

Is Calzaghe running from Kelly Pavlik?

Wales’ Joe Calzaghe finally did what he always said he wanted to do – come to the U.S. and show his stuff. When he won a split decision over Bernard Hopkins in April in Las Vegas, it was mission accomplished. Now, Calzaghe is wimping out of a proposed super middleweight fight with middleweight champion and all-around monster, Kelly Pavlik. “I’m ... Read More »

Paul Williams looking to get his groove back

It’s almost perplexing to hear Paul Williams talk about his upset loss to Carlos Quintana on Feb. 9 in Temecula, Calif. “I just didn’t get in my rhythm last time,” Williams said last week during a conference call promoting his rematch with Quintana on Saturday in Uncasville, Conn. Showtime will televise. Williams, a 6-foot-2 southpaw, said he was not sapped ... Read More »

A statue that goes beyond the record

A newspaper colleague recently wrote a scathing story regarding the statue of Oscar De La Hoya that is scheduled to be erected on Star Plaza at Staples Center in Los Angeles. Said colleague basically wrote that this is a farce, that De La Hoya is not deserving of such an honor. He said that De La Hoya should certainly not ... Read More »

Timothy Bradley willing to take on all comers

It was Tuesday, about 6:45 p.m. on the West Coast. On the telephone line was Timothy Bradley, the new World Boxing Council super lightweight champion from the beautiful desert town of Palm Springs, Calif. Ten days earlier, on May 10 in Nottingham, England, Bradley upset Junior Witter via split decision to win the belt. He was in Mexico City on ... Read More »

Pacquiao, Pavlik, Cotto-Margarito ; Arum has a lot on his mind

Unless there is a last-minute snafu, it appears the July 26 welterweight title unification fight between Antonio Margarito and Miguel Cotto is going to be contested in Las Vegas, promoter Bob Arum told us Tuesday. Arum was on hand at a Los Angeles news conference promoting the June 28 lightweight title fight between champion David Diaz of Chicago and Filipino ... Read More »

Who is David Diaz?

Employees at Time Warner Cable in San Antonio on Tuesday were lined up to get the autograph of a particular boxer. He faced television cameras and print reporters as well during his day in Texas. Said boxer will be a guest at the Arizona Diamondbacks game against the Phillies tonight in Phoenix. And during the promotional tour for the biggest ... Read More »

Who will fill the void when Oscar & Shane leave?

A colleague at the Long Beach Press-Telegram said to yours truly the other day: “Why are guys like Bernard Hopkins, Oscar De La Hoya and “Sugar” Shane Mosley still fighting?” The answer was simple: They are still competitive enough to be fighting. The real question is, what is going to happen to boxing when those three, as well as Floyd ... Read More »

Vazquez celebrates memorable trilogy

Israel Vazquez last Wednesday was honored by one of his two promotional companies at a Mexican restaurant in Lynwood, Calif. It was Sycuan Ringside Promotions’ way of thanking Vazquez for winning the rubber match of his fascinating trilogy with Rafael Marquez on March 1, and for showing the boxing world he is one of the most accomplished and courageous fighters ... Read More »

Cintron & Calzaghe: Redemption & Validation

Kermit Cintron and Joe Calzaghe are in different weight classes and will never fight each other, but they have two things in common: Their last names start with a ‘C’ and they are both on the brink of perhaps their biggest fight.| Cintron will be defending his welterweight world championship against Antonio Margarito on April 12 in Atlantic City. He ... Read More »

Judah & Mosley fight for one more shot

The Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles had that boxing buzz going Monday. Reporters and photographers scurried through the door leading to the lobby, looking to make their way to the “Sugar” Shane Mosley-Zab Judah news conference. They will get it on May 31 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Whichever former champion wins, he will likely be in line for ... Read More »

Team Marquez has no leg to stand on in argument

It’s a crying shame that two recent fights that could compete for Fight of the Year are being tarnished by controversy when there really is none. The latest episode was played out in Saturday’s post-fight news conference when Juan Manuel Marquez and the rest of his camp vehemently complained about losing a split decision to Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao took Marquez’s ... Read More »

This, that and the other thing in the world of boxing:

It was good to see Ricky Hatton sign a promotional contract with Golden Boy Promotions. Oscar De La Hoya’s company is one of today’s biggest players. But it still hasn’t really developed a fighter from scratch to stardom. Not that we’re criticizing Golden Boy; it takes time and the company is still young. Finding that diamond in the rough is ... Read More »

Marquez seeking double revenge

Manny Pacquiao beat the daylights out of Marco Antonio Barrera in November 2003, stopping him in the 11th round of a one-sided fight in San Antonio, Texas. Yet, just six months later – in May 2004 – Juan Manuel Marquez figured his fight with Pacquiao in Las Vegas was going to be a walk in the park. Say what? That’s ... Read More »

Oscar-Forbes : Real fight or Tune Up?

No matter which way Oscar De La Hoya spins his May 3 fight with Steve Forbes, there are going to be plenty of experts who denounce it because Forbes was only briefly a world champion in 2001 and because he fought at as low as 130 pounds just 3 1/2 years ago. De La Hoya, on the other hand, has ... Read More »

Gomez & Gloden Boy look for a busy spring

Like a good boxer will touch an opponent with his left jab before unloading the right cross, it’s time to touch on a few things as we near the end of the second month of this boxing year: You have to like Eric Gomez, perhaps the most congenial of all the executives working at Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy ... Read More »

Jermain Taylor looks to rebound and gain revenge

Jermain Taylor should be given credit for going right back into the fire that is Kelly Pavlik, who beat down Taylor last Sept. 29 on his way to a seventh-round knockout, taking Taylor’s two middleweight titles. Often when a fighter gets stopped in alarming fashion, he is wise to take a fight with someone who isn’t a killer so as ... Read More »

Castillo now sees a title, not cuts, in his eyes

Martin Castillo had been getting cut over the eyes for several years prior to his super flyweight title defense against Nobuo Nashiro in July 2006 in Nashiro’s native Japan. Then Castillo was severely cut against Nashiro and he lost his belt via 10th-round technical knockout when the bout was stopped because of the cuts. Castillo had to do something if ... Read More »

Taylor and Steward move on with out each other

It’s not unusual for a fighter and trainer to rip each other after they have parted ways. But that hasn’t been the case with Jermain Taylor and Emanuel Steward, who split in the aftermath of Taylor’s seventh-round technical knockout loss to Kelly Pavlik in September. Both Taylor and his new lead trainer, Ozell Nelson, have said that there was nothing ... Read More »

Chambers looks to set a tone for Goossen Tutor

It was just past 9 p.m. in Germany on Tuesday, and promoter Dan Goossen was breaking bread with a variety of people involved in Saturday’s event from Berlin featuring “Fast” Eddie Chambers and Alexander Povetkin in a heavyweight title elimination fight. During a telephone conversation, the occasional clanging of glasses could be heard in the background. Sounded like beer mugs, ... Read More »

Saint Manny in for a tough fight with Marquez

Promoter Bob Arum practically anointed Manny Pacquiao a saint during Tuesday’s news conference at the Beverly Hills Hotel formally announcing Pacquiao’s rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez on March 15 in Las Vegas. “Manny lives in a beautiful house in General Santos City in the Philippines and the people come every day for a little support, for money, for food, and ... Read More »