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Mayweather Sr. repeats his suspicions about Pacquiao and steroids

LAS VEGAS – Floyd Mayweather Sr. continued to steal headlines from his son’s comeback Saturday at the MGM Grand against Juan Manuel Marquez by repeating Thursday that he believes Manny Pacquiao has used steroids.

“”Mark my words,’’ the senior Mayweather said after a news conference for the Floyd Jr.-Marquez undercard. “I’m telling you, it’s going to come up. You’ll see.’’

Pacquiao has never tested positive for a banned substance in mandatory tests conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, according to Keith Kizer, the regulatory agency’s chief officer. Pacquiao, who faces Miguel Cotto at the MGM Grand on Nov. 14, has fought in Nevada nine times since the state started testing for steroids in 2002.

“If they prove me wrong, I ain’t the first one to be wrong,’’ said Mayweather, whose comments appeared in a website story posted by the Grand Rapids Press in Michigan, Mayweather’s hometown newspaper.

When told of the comments, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach said the Filipino star was only “on white rice.’’

Despite the pound-for-pound king’s record of clean drug tests, Mayweather’s father repeated his suspicions several times to reporters, including media from the Philippines.

“I’ve been telling everybody that it’s what I feel, what I feel,’’ said the elder Mayweather, who was Ricky Hatton’s trainer in May when Pacquiao scored a devastating second-round stoppage of the British junior-welterweight, also at the MGM Grand. “…I’m just saying that I think people are giving Pacquiao more credit than he deserves. ‘’

Hatton’s loss to Pacquiao was preceded by a story in which the trainer said there were problems in the Brit’s training camp. A troubled camp might have left Hatton unprepared, but Mayweather’s dad suggested that he still was skeptical of Pacquiao’s stunning power.

“When he fought Hatton, I believe he had some supplements in him,’’ said Mayweather, who has begun to repair a relationship with his once-estranged son.. “I just believe that they’ve got the kind of supplements that you use, but are hidden now.’’

If Mayweather’s son beats Marquez as expected and the favored Pacquiao prevails against Cotto, speculation is that the winners will meet for big money in a pound-for-pound showdown.

“It don’t mat ter if you got steroids in you if you ain’t got nothing to hit,’’ Mayweather said in reference to his son’s tactical elusiveness.

Floyd Jr.’s trainer and uncle, Roger Mayweather, didn’t have much to say about the latest dust-up caused by Floyd Sr., who also said he was only talking about rumors that have been circulating for awhile.

“I don’t know,’’ Roger said. “I only know he’s small guy and that when he hit Oscar De La Hoya, he hurt his ass.’’

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  1. Sometimes you wonder about motives. He should be concentrating on this weekend’s fight.
    Why this rubbish? Some reasons: 1) Low ticket sales, need to use Pacquiao’s name again
    under controversial suppositions in a last minute effort to shore up PPV numbers. 2) Taking away spotlight from his own junior whose may actually be fed the subject of his own accusations. Ask a psychologist as this can be a psychological ploy. He even repeated it for emphasis which further implies their corner does not use the substance. 3) Can’t get over the loss last May and needs to add a second excuse to gameplan not followed. 4) He points a finger of accusation unaware that three fingers are pointing back at himself, i.e. he who accuses finds himself guilty.
    Besides, assuming mandatory doping tests are conducted, didn’t results come out negative?
    Then why pursue a closed issue? Any other motive?