Q & A with George “Comanche Boy” Tahdooahnippah

Undefeated middleweight George Tahdooahnippah 20 – 0 – 1 (18 KO’s) is scheduled to face Brook Welby 35 – 18 (11 KO’s) October 2nd at Seven Clans Casino in Red Rock, Oklahoma. He spoke with 15 Rounds to let us know how things are going.

John Gleeson – George, thanks for speaking with 15 rounds. Your next fight is scheduled for Friday October 2nd. How are you feeling?

George T – Feeling good. Been doing a lot of conditioning, getting Ready for the fight. I’m ready to go.

John Gleeson – You have fought around the middleweight and super middleweight limits. Which division do you feel suits you best?

George T – Definitely middleweight.

John Gleeson – You’ve been very active this year and built your record to 20-0-1 (17 KO’s). Do you have a timeline in mind to step up and get a shot at one of the big name guys in the division?

George T – Yeah, actually I’m looking. I’m on the prowl. I’m looking for a big fight, probably here in the next . . . anytime after the fight on October 2nd.

John Gleeson – Is there any particular opponent that you would like to get a shot at?

George T – Ah, no, whoever’s the one on top at that time when I get an opportunity to challenge. It doesn’t matter to me. I just want to be prepared.

John Gleeson – I would really love to see you on HBO just to hear Larry Merchant trying to pronounce your last name.

George T – Yeah, that’s the goal. I would like to honor my people by being on there. I want to knock somebody out and do my War Dance on HBO.

John Gleeson – Talk about the team you’re working with to prepare for your upcoming fight.

George T – My trainer is David Vaughn. I’ve been working with him for about three years. We’ve known each other for six or seven. We’ve got good chemistry. I’ve also got a team for conditioning. I get my running in. In the gym I’ve been getting ready with my sparring partner James Freeman and Grady Brewer the IBC (junior middleweight) champion.

John Gleeson – What is a typical day like for you?

George T – I wake up about seven o’clock and get the kids ready. I drop them off at daycare. Then I go to work from eight to five. On my lunch break I usually run. I get in 3 or 5 miles and I do different types of conditioning drills for thirty minutes. As soon as five o’clock rolls around I head up to the gym. I do a lot of sparring. I get home, feed the kids, play with them for about thirty minutes, and then put ‘em down by 8:30. I want to be in bed around ten o’clock so I can do it all over the next day.

John Gleeson – What do you do for your eight to five job?

George T – I am the Diabetes Fitness Coordinator for the Comanche Nation. We work on prevention, trying to get people more active, exercising. It’s a great job. I love it. I just got on about two months ago.

John Gleeson – You mentioned Grady Brewer earlier. Do you get a chance to spar with him on a regular basis?

George T – Oh yeah, anytime I want to spar he and I get together. He is the guy I measure myself against. He’s slick and he’s got power. At the other end of the state (Oklahoma) we’ve got Allen Green (Supper Middleweight contender 28 – 1 with 20 KO’s) and I’ve sparred with him too.

John Gleeson – Do you have a prediction for this Saturday’s showdown between Floyd Mayweather jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez?

George T – I know Marquez has got a lot of heart. Anybody with a lot of heart like that has got a chance. Mayweather is an athlete. He’s a guy that it looks like it comes easy to. He was the best pound for pound. I don’t think Marquez is big enough for him. I know his fight is big enough but if his power or pressure will be enough. I could be wrong though. I’ve been wrong all year; we’ve had a lot of surprises. I say Mayweather though.

John Gleeson – HBO’s 24/7 show has shown Marquez partaking of some unusual dietary practices including drinking raw quail eggs as well as a glass of his own urine. Do you have any unusual pre-fight rituals, superstitions, or dietary practices?

George T – No, nothing too unusual. I take vitamins. I eat buffalo meat. It’s the healthiest most nutritional meat out there. I eat one steak a day. It’s leaner than fish chicken and fish. And it burns well. Some people say red meat doesn’t burn as well. I don’t ever have trouble making weight.

John Gleeson – Your Native American heritage is important to you as evidenced by your “Comanche Boy” nickname and elaborate ring entrances complete with Native American dancers. Talk a little bit about what it means to you for us outsiders who aren’t familiar?

George T – For people who don’t know anything about Native American culture, they see me, a professional athlete, and I have to represent not only my tribe but also all of my people. I have to give 110%. I have to carry myself with pride. I want to give people a strong impression about Native Americans. I want to show Native American kids that the sky is the limit.

John Gleeson – I’ve seen you perform a quick dance in the ring after winning. Is there any special significance to that dance?

George T – He is my prey. If I knock him out it’s a kill. My food. That’s what the whole war dance is about. It’s not anything disrespectful to my opponent. I only do it after knockouts or if it’s a great victory.

John Gleeson – What’s the best part of growing up in Oklahoma?

George T – No traffic (both laughing). I’m here with all of my people. I can go twenty miles and have fifty family members. I can go twenty miles past that and I’ve got sixty family. That’s the best part.

John Gleeson – Is there anyone you look up to in boxing?
George T – I look up to all of them really. Andre Ward. He’s an excellent fighter coming up. I like Bernard Hopkins for his ring generalship. Joe Calzaghe. Manny Pacquiao. I love how Pacquiao represents his country with pride. I would love to be for my people what Pacquiao is for his. I’d love to be all these guys. Just pick and choose attributes.

John Gleeson – What is on your Ipod right now when you do your running?

George T – When I run where I’m at nature is my Ipod. I don’t run with headphones. I gotta be alert to watch for cars. And out here, in the country, I have to watch for animals. The skunks will get you (both laughing). When I run at night skunks are everywhere and they’ve got rabies (both laughing).

John Gleeson – I’ve heard your Comanche Boy ring entrance song. Who does that?

George T – My cousin. They’ve done several songs to bring me out to the ring including “Comanche Boy” and “ComancheBoyKnockEmOut.” I’ve been really lucky. They do a great job.
John Gleeson – Best of luck to you. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us.
For more information on George Tahdooahnippah visit www.comancheboy.com Special Thanks go to George’s publicist Amy Green for helping arrange the interview.

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