Q & A with Javier “In Tocable” Molina

In Bejjing at last year Olympics Javier ” El Intocable” Molina represented America in the Light Welterweight division. Though he didn’t get a medal as he was eliminated in the first round. He has since turned proffessional and gone to 2-0(2) before a hand injury temporerily derailed his progress. Now fully fit he’ll end his 7 month hiatus. Molina 19, hails from Commerce, Ca but is of Mexican stock. In fact his twin brother Oscar fights for the Mexican national team. Here’s what he had to say

Hello Javier, welcome to 15rounds.com

Anson Wainwright – Your currently 2-0(2) how have you found the transition from amateur’s to pro’s?

Javier Molina – I already had a pro style the difference to me is the pace. As an amateur I had to throw lots of punches to score points in the pro’s I can take my time.

Anson Wainwright – Your scheduled to appear in Leemore on 22 October, any news on who your opponent will be?

Javier Molina – My next fight is November 28 at Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California. And my opponent is Brent Rodriguez 1-1-1 don’t know much about him but I’ll be ready.

Anson Wainwright – You haven’t fought since April, can you tell us why you haven’t fought since then?

Javier Molina – I had a hand injury but now I am 100 percent ready to fight.

Anson Wainwright – You fought in the 2008 Olympics for America, what did you make of the experience?

Javier Molina – It was a dream come true to represent my country and meet all types of people from all over the world.

Anson Wainwright – How disappointed were Team America to return back from Beijing without winning a single gold medal and only one medal?

Javier Molina – It was a disappointment that we only had one medal, we went there with high hopes to come back with lots of medals but that wasn’t the case. Hopefully for the 2012 Olympics it will be different.

Anson Wainwright – Your brother Oscar is also a boxer, what can you tell us about him?

Javier Molina – Oscar is my twin brother he’s in the Mexico Olympic team and will wait for the 2012 olympics.

Anson Wainwright – Can you tell us about your amateur career, what titles you won and what your final record was?

Javier Molina – I have lots of amateur titles but can’t really name all of them but some are 141 U.S. Olympian, National Champion, Junior Olympic National Champion, Cadet World Championship Bronze medalist.

Anson Wainwright – How did you get into Boxing?

Javier Molina – My dad was a fighter back in the days and he introduced me to the boxing.

Anson Wainwright – What do you enjoy doing away from Boxing?

Javier Molina – I like hanging out with my family and friends.

Anson Wainwright – What are your goals in Boxing?

Javier Molina – To become a world champion and the best pound for pound numbero uno.

Anson Wainwright – Victor Ortiz fought at the Staples Center in a headline bout unfortunately he lost do you some day hope to fight there in a big fight?

Javier Molina – Hopefully someday I will have a chance to fight in my hometown at the Staples Center it will be an honor.

Thanks for your time Javier, good luck this Saturday.

Anson Wainwright


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