Results from York Hall

York Hall, Bethnal Green, London, England
March 21st 2010

Miranda Carter put on her first show of the year, featuring a good looking card which saw the return of Leon Williams in his first start since losing his unbeaten record to Hastings Rasani.
A good card featured many devastating finishes, one not particuarly pleasing to the eye as you’ll read, other than that a good value for money show all round!

Navid Iran {Brighton} v Steve Timms {West Bromwich}
Result: Iran won KO 1

In the opening fight of the afternoon, Brighton debutant Iran exploded in devastating fashion as he detonated a huge left hook off of the unprotected jaw of poor Steve Timms to send him crashing to the canvas out for the full count, Timm’s who himself was coming back after a six year lay off might well call it a day after such a crushing loss.
To begin with both came out shaping up, both looking to land the left jab, as the two shaped up Timm’s {169lbs} a well muscled type backed off as Navid {167lbs} took the iniative, before darting in and out, shortly after the Brighton man came inside before he connected with a left hook that dumped Timm’s to the canvas, the ref dispensing with the count as the Midlander was out cold, the fight being stopped after only just thirty seconds of the opening gong by third man Ken Curtis!
With that kind of concussive power, Ronnie Davie’s {formerly Chris Eubank’s trainer} trained, Iran could be one to look out for in a year or two’s time, time will tell naturally!
Martin Welsh {Swanley} v Ryan Clark {Waddington}
Result: Welsh won points
In an exciting action packed four rounder, Welsh found the range and pace to beat the tough, competitive Clark from Waddington, who tried to puzzle the Swanley man, {sorry for the pun, do Waddington’s still make puzzles? bung us a email}.
Welsh to begin with did most of the work, on his bike countering off the ropes proving a little too elusive for the never say die Clark, however the second saw Clark {155lbs} come into the contest moreso, asserting himself as Welsh hands high in a shell like guard did little to begin the session, Martin did however try to assume control and was met by a rampaging Clark that produced some lively exchanges, a nice right from the Waddington man landed on the bell and Welsh {154lbs}, it seemed Clark had evened the score mathematically.
However the last two rounds were basically hard fought encounters as each man took there respective turns to back the other up, Welsh did seem to nick the last two session’s with slightly the better accuracy, at the bell something strange happened as the ref could’nt seem to make his mind up whose hand to raise, before opting for Welsh’s glove, and though I had Martin the winner, I certainly did’nt agree with the land slide 40-36 in favour of the Swanley man on ref Kieran McCann’s card, again I’m not the judge but maybe when decision’s like this are announced I should be!!!!

Laura Saperstein {Australia} v Lana Cooper {Wales}
Result: Saperstein won rsc 2

From the opening bell, it was evident that Saperstein was the boss, as she got off the better with her shots proving just that bit better and faster than her Welsh adversary, Cooper for her part tried but just seemed that bit off par for my liking.
Saperstein {135lbs} clearing taking the opener, came out relaxed looking in the second as she controlled the pace and tempo, keeping the blonde Cooper {137lbs} at bay, however Lana in one attack was cranking a left hook when all of a sudden, a terrible etch of pain crept across her face as she fell to the canvas clutching her left arm, obviously in agony she writhed on the canvas where ref had no alternative but to halt it there and then, medic’s attended to Cooper who also gave her oxygen and had to stretcher her out of the ring after she was attended to for a good several moments, aparently Lana dislocated her shoulder as she was throwing the respective shot, I wish her a speedy recovery and praise the medics who attended to her, they did a great job!

Ryan Toms {Northolt} v John Paul Temple {Brighton}
Result: Toms won rsc 2

In a fight that was billed as Temple’s last engagement, he could’nt have picked a more tastier foe in the shape of Northolt’s Toms.
From the offset it was looking inevitable that Temple was way in over his head, as he could’nt even get near Ryan who basically hardly moved out of first gear, confident, even almost cocky Toms looked relaxed as he took his time before taking apart the hapless Brighton man.
Circling, Toms southpaw stance was proving too much for Temple, one straight left shaking John before the end of the round.
Round two proved no different, as Ryan moving up the gears, backed up Temple with a solid left hook before dropping him with a solid right, doing well to get up and showing some of the Dunkirk, Temple was backed into a corner where Toms unloaded with a blistering fusilade of leather, outpunched and outclassed Temple was rescued and rightfully so, the last shot almost reintroducing the Brighton man to the canvas a second time, luckily the third man Keiran McCann grabbing Temple saving him the embarrassment of another visit stopping it at the 1:06 mark, Tom’s celebrated wildly, he is certainly one to look out for, as he has a composure that certanly belies that of a guy having only his fourth paid fight, watch out for this guy!!!!
Temple retired from the sport, beaten yes, brave? certainly, a great competitor. both weighed 155lbs.

Tony Conquest {Dagenham} v John Anthony {Doncaster}
Result: Conquest won points

In a fight that looked as good as over in the first couple of seconds by way of a short solid right hand from the handsome looking Conquest, it looked like disaster for the man from Doncaster {I know another pun, sorry!!!!}
Thing is Anthony did’nt read the script, he picked himself up from the uncerimoniuos heap he found himself in and battled back, Conquest seemed to keep his man at bay and got the better of things, until just before the bell it was Tony, and not Anthony {201lbs} who was on the deck himself, from a half decent shot to return the dose, a knockdown a piece in the opener, as I mentioned before this John had’nt read the script.
From the second onwards Conquest {193lbs} kept things at range, despite a scrappy second, Conquest piled up the points behind a nice left jab before managing to rock Anthony with another big right.
The fourth proved no different to the previuos session as Tony outboxed the Doncaster man, however in the fifth Anthony had more success as he started to land a little more frequently with rights but Conquest notched up another session.
The final session saw pretty much of the same, until that is Conquest tasted the canvas a second time, looking more embarrassed than hurt Tony got up and continued to outbox his man, and this despite being floored twice reflected in the score of 59-56 which I felt was an accurate assesment of the previous events from the last eighteen minutes boxing.

Leon Williams {Streatham} v Tyrone Wright {Nottingham}
Result: Williams won ko 2

Making a return to the ring was Streatham’s Leon Williams returning to the ring after a points loss to Hastings Rasani in this very ring just before Christmas.
Opposing “solid” was Tyrone Wright {195lbs}, in the opener Williams seemed to be bufuddled a little by the tricky Wright who outboxed the plodding Williams, who could’nt seem to connect with anything of any real note, Wright easily taking the opener, however in the second Williams {194lbs} asserted himself as he continued to push back the taller Wright, then it came the punch that Williams needed a smashing right landed on the back pedalling Nottingham man who took the punch flush on the money and went down heavily on his back, there seemed no need to count and the third man waved it over, Williams was back as Wright was flat on his, several minutes in fact during some anxiuos moments while again the medics attended to Tyrone, it was a relief when he got to his feet, but still due to the nature of the stoppage had to sit on his corner stool almost ring centre where oxygen was administered to him for a good ten minutes, the medics did a great job and proved that how well protected the fighters are, more so especially at Miranda’s show’s

John Wayne Hibbert {Stanford Le Hope} v Ricky Boulter {Lincoln}
Result: Hibbert won rsc 2nd

John Wayne Hibbert showed plenty of idea as he patiently stalked down his opponent grinding out a second round stoppage.
In the opener Boulter {159lbs} looked as though he had the book on Hibbert as he countered effictively off the ropes with nice short bursts of shots, and despite taking some good shots to the body seemed too quick and busy for the Essex man, however come the second Hibbert {158lbs} upped the pace and soon showed he was the boss as Boulter’s work rate dropped significantly, moreso enabling Hibbert to tee off on his man, a series of hard shots blooded Ricky’s nose, battered literally from pillar to post, Boulter was under a lot of pressure and looked on a hiding to nothing, every now and again he tried to fight back but it was a losing battle and at the end of the second session, Boulter’s corner rightfully pulled there man out of what was becoming too one sided for my liking.

Kreshnik Qato {Wembley} v Alex Spitko {Latvia}
Result: Qato won points

It was the usual fan fare that greeted possibly the most well supported boxer in the country, when Qato fights, he ussually as back up in the form of his own army, an army of fans that make it known that our sport, the sport of boxing is far from the final count, now if only more people got behind boxers than they did footballers, we’d all be a lot happier for the experience as boxing fans and the like.
Qato got a rousing reception as he entered the ring, you could have been far away, in the far East as opposed to the East end of London.
However in the opener tough guy Spitko {166lbs} came marching in, punches flailing not taking a backward step, one right hand floored the Albanian to the shock of the Albanian and his contingent, more so to my horror if the unimaginable was to happen and he was to lose, I was preparing for a fight myself, to get out of the place alive.
Luckily Qato got up and more surprised than hurt shook off the effects, Spitko was’nt to be denied as he tried hard to catch Qato again, but Qato survived, the second was basically a carbon copy of the opener, despite there being no repeat of a knockdown, Spitko pressured and was bullying Kreshnik out of his stride and the contest and easily seemed to take the opening two sessions.
However from the third onwards Qato seemed as though he knew fighting with a guy like Spitko might not be such a good idea and so opted to box, and once he did, he seemed to have the measure of the Latvian, even as much as Spitko tried to cut the ring off Qato {163lbs} threw a series of fast accurate flurry’s that reminded me of Sugar Ray Leonard in the Hagler fight, now please for one moment don’t think I’m comparing Qato to a technical genius like Leonard, I’m not but it reminded me as such of back on that fateful night in April 1987.
Each successive flurry from Qato was met by the Latvian’s countanence and a roar of approval from the Qato faithful, the last four rounds were all fought in a similar vein from the third onwards, but outboxed as he was I tipped my hat to Spitko who did’nt stop trying to the bitter end, but the early points lead was a distant memory on the scorecard and I gave it to Qato by a similar margin to that of the official 59-57 on Ken Curtis card, Qato when the mood takes him can box nicely and with a bit more iniative could prove a hard man to beat when his on his game!

Michael Angelo Serra reporting

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