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Ageless: Hopkins Beats Down Pascal

Last Tuesday, Bernard Hopkins walked through Quebec City’s airport wearing a hunting cap with ear flaps, his face exposed the way it was never exposed when he used to make his ring walks wearing an executioner’s mask. Perhaps it’s a sign of age that “The Executioner,” whose 175-pound body is all muscle, tapered down to a twenty-seven inch waist, had ... Read More »


On March 20th, Eddie Chambers will enter enemy territory to fight for the heavyweight title. To beat Wladimir Klitschko, the reigning WBO and IBF champion, Chambers will have to execute a three-pronged attack. First, he’ll have to get into Klitschko’s turf, a piece of canvas the long-armed Ukrainian diligently protects with stiff, straight jabs. Second, he’ll have to stun Klitschko ... Read More »

Klitschkos’ Foolish Foes

I miss Larry Holmes. I miss Mike Tyson. I miss Evander Holyfield and Riddick Bowe. I even miss Lennox Lewis, whom I never loved. These were the dominant heavyweights in my lifetime, and while reminiscence often leads to easy sentimentality, I believe each of these champions was worthy in his own right. Larry Holmes, to me the true “greatest,” was ... Read More »


You’ve probably seen black and white photos of the old Yankee Stadium, frozen moments of sports history that speak of another time. Spectators in suits. Lit cigars. A haze of romance under the bright lights. And in some photographs, a boxing ring replaces the infield, two men replace nine. Benny Leonard. Jack Dempsey. Henry Armstrong. Willy Pep. Joe Louis. Sugar ... Read More »

Old School: The New Eddie Chambers

“Fast” Eddie Chambers is fast. His punches are quick and crisp, gloves flashing even when he’s not being flashy. The shortest (and fastest) distance between two points is a straight line and Chambers knows his basic geometry, the mark of a well-schooled fighter. His rise in the heavyweight division increased exponentially after he passed his first major test against tough ... Read More »

Clottey/Cotto: Before and After

For New York City’s biggest boxing shows, which happen only a few times each year, weigh-ins are ceremoniously conducted at Madison Square Garden. It’s as if the pre-battle ritual must be consistent with the battle itself, a classical unity of place in a classic boxing venue. On the Garden’s fifth floor, a small area is curtained off, a stage is ... Read More »

A Boxer Prepares: Joshua Clottey Gets Ready for Cotto

Joshua Clottey is preparing for Miguel Cotto. It’s May 22nd, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, but for Joshua Clottey, the IBF welterweight champ, a day at the beach isn’t on the agenda. A day in the country is. From Madison Square Garden, which will host the big event, it’s a seventy mile shot west on Route 80 to the ... Read More »