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Q & A with Deandre “The Bull” Latimore

After a 9 month hiatus Deandre “The Bull” Latimore 22-3(17) resurfaced with an 8 round shut out victory over durable veteran Dennis Sharpe on the Andre Berto-Victor Ortiz undercard in Mashantucket, Ct. It helped Latimore 25, get rid of some ring rust, he’s now eager to parlay that win with something much bigger in the talent laden Light Middleweight division. He’s already called out a comeback Paul Williams who is without a dance partner for his has a July date on HBO. Here’s what the St Louis native had to say on various subjects.

Hello Deandre, welcome to

Anson Wainwright – Firstly you recently got back in action winning a shut out decision over Dennis Sharpe. What can you tell us about the fight?

Deandre Latimore – I wanted to show the fans and HBO representatives what I can do. I boxed and put on a show.

Anson Wainwright – How happy were you with the performance?

Deandre Latimore – I gave myself an A+ grade because I did everything the way we worked on in training camp

Anson Wainwright – Who are the members of your team; your manager, trainer & promoter?

Deandre Latimore – I’m co-promoted Rumble Time Promotions (Steven Smith) and DiBella Entertainment (Lou DiBella), managed by Chris Watkins, and trained by Ray Franklin and Jacob Chavez.

Steven Smith (CEO & President of Rumble Time Promotions): Ray Franklin trained under living legend trainer Ken Adams. Ray was like a sponge, learning from Ken, and then Ray added his specialty, strength and cardio, to become the complete trainer. Ray Franklin is the best kept secret in boxing!

Anson Wainwright – You’re based in Las Vegas these days. Can you tell us about the move, how it’s helped you and the sparring you get?

Deandre Latimore – I’m based in Las Vegas at the Hit Factory. Everything has been great since I moved to Las Vegas. I’ve been able to focus on boxing 100-percent and that’s helped me focus on where I need to be

Anson Wainwright – Recently you have been calling out Paul Williams for a fight on 9 July. Can you tell us about this and do you have a message for Williams?

Deandre Latimore – I know Williams is looking for an opponent for his July 9th fight on HBO. I think me and him would be a perfect fight for television and fans. I want to fight the best in the division because it’s my time to break through and be a big name and face in boxing. I will do that very soon. Let’s make it happen, Paul. I’m ready for a summer showdown with you.

Anson Wainwright – Outside of Williams there are many other options at 154. What other fights Interest you? What do you think of the champions WBA Austin Trout IBF Cornelius Bundrage & WBO Sergei Dzindziruk?

Deandre Latimore – I would fight anyone in the 154-pound division including K9 (Cornelius Bundrage), Austin Trout, and Sergei Dzinziruk.

Anson Wainwright – You’re 1-1 with Sechew Powell; he’s fighting Cornelius Bundrage in June. Would you like to have a third fight with him to settle the score?

Deandre Latimore – I know Sechew is fighting K9 soon and, of Sechew wins I’d love to settle the score. He caught me at a time in my career when I had a lot going on, but I’m back to being Deandre and have my team back together. I promise I’ll knock him out.

Anson Wainwright – Of course you have already fought for a world title losing a split decision to fellow St Louis fighter Cory Spinks. Can you tell us about that fight & what it was like for you to fight in front of your home fans against Spinks who is also from St Louis so you both probably knew each other before hand?

Deandre Latimore – In my fight with Spinks he was a veteran of the game. I was overanxious and wanted to knock him out. It was a good experience for me and I learned a lot from that fight.

Anson Wainwright – You’re from St Louis, can you tell us about your younger days and what it was like growing up there?

Deandre Latimore – My childhood was tough growing up in the rough, rugged Clinton Peabody Projects in South St. Louis, Missouri. I have seen the worst of the street and been to hell and back.

Anson Wainwright – How did you first become interested and take up Boxing? Can you tell us about your amateur career? What tournaments you won and what your final record was?

Deandre Latimore – I started boxing at the age of eight. I competed in numerous amateur tournaments, winning a National PAL Championship and National Ringside Championship. My amateur record was 250-45.

Anson Wainwright – Can you tell us a bit about your life away from Boxing; what do you like to do with your spare time and what are your hobbies and Interests?

Deandre Latimore – Outside of boxing I spend time with my kids, hang around playing my Xbox 360 Call of Duty.

Anson Wainwright – Finally do you have a message for your fans ahead of your assault on the Light Middleweight division?

Deandre Latimore – 2011 will the year that Deandre Latimore breaks through the boxing headquarters. So keep following me because I’m going to make big things happen this year.

Thanks for your time Deandre.

Anson Wainwright

Weekend Thoughts – It was very sad to hear yesterday that Sir Henry Cooper had passed away aged 76. He was a hugely popular personality in Britain, best most known for being a punch or two away from changing history and knocking out Muhammad Ali in 1963. He ended his career with a record of 40-14-1(27), he held the British, Commonwealth & European titles through out most of the 1960’s. He was twice awarded British Sports Personality, he was also awarded the OBE in 1969 before being knighted in 2000. Though I never had the pleasure of personally meeting “Enry’s Ammer” he is undoubtably a big loss to Boxing, my thoughts and best wishes go out to his family.

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