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Q & A with Lucas Matthysse

Just last week it was rumoured that Argentinean power puncher Lucas Matthysse 27-0(25) 1 No Contest would make a quick return after his impressive first round destruction of Rogelio Castaneda Jr by taking the biggest fight of his career to date against Zab Judah on 6 November in Newark, NJ. While it is all just talk at the moment, it shows what kind of statement Matthysse 27, sent out after his recent drilling over the usually durable Castaneda. He’s from a fighting family which includes his brother Walter who fought the likes of Paul Williams & Kermit Cintron, both grew up in the small town of Trelew in the South of Argentina roughly 800 miles from where he now resides in the nations capital of Buenos Aires. Currently ranked at number 3 by the WBO, 8 by the IBF & 12 by the WBC.

Hello Lucas, welcome to

Anson Wainwright – Firstly congratulations on your win over Rogelio Castaneda Jr what can you tell us about the fight?

Lucas Matthysse – The fight was faster than I hoped, but I was trained to do 12 rounds. I am very happy.

Anson Wainwright – It looks impressive because you stopped him in one whereas normally he goes rounds with other contenders he’s fought like like Lamont Peterson, Francisco Bojado & Demetrius Hopkins to name a few. How pleased were you with the performance?

Lucas Matthysse – All of them are great boxers. I’m very pleased with my performance because I won easy to a hard opponent.

Anson Wainwright – Now that you have gotten the fight with Casteneda out of the way, what are your plans next? Who would you like to fight next?

Lucas Matthysse – I would like to fight with the big names. But I will fight anyone my manager indicates me to.

Anson Wainwright – You had fought Casteneda before but it was a Non Contest, you went back and cleaned that up with this win, do you intend to do the same with Vivian Harris? What are your thoughts on the first fight and fighting him again?

Lucas Matthysse – I don`t know, but I believe that I was going to knockout Vivian. I don’t have any problem in giving him the rematch.

Anson Wainwright – Can you tell us about your team, who is your Manager, Trainer & Promoter? Also what gym do you use regularly? What other pro’s train with you?

Lucas Matthysse – My manager is Mario Arano, my trainer is Luis “Cuty” Barrera (a former South American welter champion), an my promoters are Arano Box and Golden Boy Promotion. I train in the Arano Box Gym, in Junin, Buenos Aires. Some pro’s who train with me are Carlos Ponce (former Argentine Jr Flyweight champ), Rogelio Rossi (new SA cruiser champ), sometimes Carlos Baldomir (former WBC welter champion) and others.

Anson Wainwright – Your older brother Walter was also a boxer fighting Kermit Cintron & Paul Williams, what is he doing now? Do you have any other brothers or relatives who are or were Boxers?

Lucas Matthysse – Walter is retired and he has a gym in our native city of Trelew, Chubut. My younger sister is a pro boxer and she`s good. My father (Mario) was a great boxer and my mother (Doris) also was boxer (she fought one time as an amateur). All my family involved in boxing!

Anson Wainwright – Could you tell us about your early years growing up in Trelew?

Lucas Matthysse – My childhood was hard. We were poor but we haven’t needed anything. I walked in gangs. I liked the streets and in my 11 years I fought much in gangs. My mother introduced me to go to a boxing gym.

Anson Wainwright – How did you first become interested and then involved in Boxing?

Lucas Matthysse – Like I say, my mother induced me to go a Gym and after, the boxing likes me so much. I follow the Walter’s career and years later, all the people said to me that I was very good and I was chosen for the Argentine Boxing team. I fought in a lot of cities and countries with the Argentine team. As an amateur my career was very large I fought near of 100 times

Anson Wainwright – What do you like to do when your not Boxing? What are your hobbies & interests?

Lucas Matthysse – I like to be with my family. I ‘ve a four years old daughter and she’s my treasure. I also like music (Cumbia)

Anson Wainwright – Who was your hero growing up?

Lucas Matthysse – I don’t have any hero

Anson Wainwright – Finally do you have a message for the talent packed Light Welterweight division?

Lucas Matthysse – Take care at all!!! The Lucas’ time is coming !!!

Thanks for your time Lucas.

Best Wishes

Anson Wainwright